My Story is Your Story. It's the Sum of Us.

Welcome to this moment, you’re in the right place.

As women, we’re at a radical tipping point. Stress, toxins, digital saturation and schedules are all-consuming. When we neglect ourselves, deny our inner voice, and continually put our needs last; we leave ourselves open to anxiety, depletion, and devitalized beauty to poor health.

My story is one of disruption, empowerment, and reclamation.

Join a rally cry of transformation that’s beyond business.

“Self-care is holding ourselves accountable for our overall well-being embodying our metaphysical, psychological, and physical state - which is the heart of our true beauty.”

~ Kassandra

A NEW conversation to AWAKEN

WOMEN - We value meaningful relationships and experiences (pro-aging) by putting our spirit & self-care back into our health + beauty. Each of us is unique, influenced by our genes, environment, hormones, time of life.

AN INDUSTRY - Through our biomimetic formulations and proven research, we take it a mile deep versus a mile wide. We focus on the health of our mind and the Forces of Nature to evolve and bring forth joy, youth , and longevity.

AND OUR CELLS - Evoq cultivates the harmonious union of our interior and exterior self to achieve transformative health and beauty by helping your cells “work smarter-not harder.” We invest in ingredients that work at the cellular level to support our health and fit our lifestyles.

Awaken Your
Beautiful Hair

Organic / Food Grade / Wildcraft / Small Batch vegan / no gmo

Life, on our planet, began 3 BILLION YEARS AGO with the sea. The first living cells came from a single cell - blue algae.

Seawater is virtually identical to the liquid in human cells. It contains all the essential minerals and trace elements needed for optimal, self-rejuvenating skin health.

But a lack of nutrients in our soil, daily pollution, stress, and electromagnetic saturation damage our cells. Cellular turnover, collagen synthesis, and other key fundamental structural needs atrophy. Our skin can’t repair or renew itself.

Fortunately, there is a strategy and solution. It starts with the sea - the source of life itself.

Because of this truth, our base formulas are made from dense algae and seawater. We call this a foundation first approach through the Forces of Nature.

The Forces of Nature seamlessly integrate the power of the sky, stem, sea, and seed, and hold the key to aging well and for true longevity...To give you, the modern-day woman, exactly the support you need for the healthy skin you deserve.