Healthy hair begins within. Scalp Rejuvenation, Repair & Protection.

Experience a multifaceted professional-grade approach with salon-performance styling products and remedies that reduce hair fall caused by breakage, chemical coloring, internal inflammation, post-pregnancy, leaky gut nutrient loss, and hormones galore.

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Volumize + Texture Spray

This texturizing spray helps to thicken, add lift, and strengthen follicles to turn tired, thin, or fine hair into voluminous locks.
Protein + B-Complex + Propolis

Brighten + De-Brass Shampoo

This violet shampoo helps to brighten natural highlights, tone brassiness, and repair damage for hair that is healthier & shinier.
Protein + Primrose + Borage Oil

Build + Control Hairspray

This 3-in-1 hairspray helps to hold the hair in place, add volume, and resist humidity for bouncy, textured locks that are effortless to restyle.
Protein­ + Resveratrol + Vitamin E

Clarifying Hair & Scalp Treatment

This gentle shampoo helps to exfoliate the scalp, free hair from impurities, and hydrate to restore shine & volume.
Zinc Complex + AHA + Aminos

Flexible Hold Styling Gel

A light gel for a wash-and-go style, curls that crave definition, edges that need to be laid and a lasting blowout. Whichever way you play it, this au-naturale gel delivers a touchable hold.
Aloe + Witch Hazel + Minerals

Intensive Repair & Restore Mask

An intensive, weekly remedy that helps to resuscitate, repair, and restore dry hair caused by chemicals, failing structure & stress.
Aminos + Babassu + B Complex

Repair + Protect Spray

This spray-on treatment helps to strengthen hair from root to tip, seal in moisture, and protect hair against damage from coloring, heat styling & UV rays.
Aloe Vera + Algae + Quinoa Protein

Replenish + Color Protect Conditioner

A nourishing moisturizer that helps to restore the hair shaft, balance the scalp's pH, and prevent hair thinning & loss.
Babassu Oil + Shea + Aloe

Replenish + Color Protect Shampoo

A therapeutic shampoo that helps to preserve color, repair damage, and nourishes every lock so your hair is obsessively soft to touch.
Sea Minerals + Apple Cider + Kiwi Seed

Root Revival Scalp Activator

This restorative tonic helps to rejuvenate the scalp and follicle​,​ add body and volume​, leaving​ the appearance of thicker, fuller, healthier hair.
Amino Complex + Saw Palmetto + CBD [900MG]

Root Revival Volume + Growth Conditioner

This lightweight conditioner helps to moisturize, strengthen, and re-energize follicles for beautiful hair with great body, lifted from the roots.
Babassu + B-Complex + Aloe

Root Revival Volume + Growth Shampoo

This gentle volumizing shampoo gives body, bounce, and shine by strengthening strands and restoring overall scalp health - the foundation for thicker and fuller hair.
B-Complex + Protein + Rosemary

Smooth + Shine Gloss Serum

This defrizz serum helps to control static, illuminate locks, and hydrate from root to tip for vibrant, healthy hair.
Argan Oil + Moringa + Macadamia


A High-Performance Life with (Style)

Natural, functional (not conventional), and targeted solutions that WORK.

Evoq sets new standards bringing natural and professional styling products that perform like their “synthetic counterparts” without the toxins, build up, and overwhelming scent.

You'll find luxurious products that are sulfate, paraben, xenoestrogen, gluten (and more) FREE and give professional results (body, shine, regrowth & hold) while respecting your precious scalp, hair, and the environment.

NO unnecessary, over-marketed “it” ingredients. NO silly technology, imaginary, myths, gimmicks, or claims just to showcase the label. Our money is spent in the lab, tested behind the chair by their creator, and then we bring it to you.

The silent (but noticeable) epidemic that devitalized hair health affects millions of women, and it’s on the rise.

The Root of Healthy Hair

The only proven way to keep our hair and improve its appearance is to do something about it while we still have the time.

Get this...80% of women will experience hair loss by age 60 and many of those women start losing their hair in their late 20s. Our hair is one of the fastest growing tissues in the body, so it deserves a whole lotta love. But as we age, our follicles become susceptible to:

  • Stress
  • Environmental factors
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Inflammation
  • Thermal styling tools
  • Hair Coloring

Which can leave hair damaged & distressed and cause our bodies to produce less hair and dry up its natural moisture. Our mane approach to aging hair. It can take years for hair follicles to enter an extended state of resting (what’s called the telogen phase). The follicle either revives a new bulb or it dies, and we lose hair. It’s during this resting phase that our Root Revival Pro-Growth Regime becomes the vital addition to revive our follicles.

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