Build + Control Hairspray

This 3-in-1 hairspray helps to hold the hair in place, add volume, and resist humidity for bouncy, textured locks that are effortless to restyle.
Protein­ + Resveratrol + Vitamin E
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Strategic benefits

A Closer Look

An Unparalleled Sensory Exp.

- Girl, you need to WORK IT!

"This multi-purpose, pro-health hairspray protects hair while giving day-long volume, movable bounce, and controllable hold. With a progressive control formula, it provides humidity resistance with a flexible, yet brushable hold that’s effortless to restyle. This fast drying fine mist dries on contact, so there’s no tacky or sticky finish.
It’s kind of like a mood ring because this next-generation 3-in-1 hairspray lets you change your hairstyle any time. So reflect on how you want to style your hair, take control of your locks, and “work it,” girl.
Truffle oil binds moisture to hair for added softness while pro-vitamin B5 intensely hydrates and smoothes dry hair. This invisible-yet-powerful formula provides weightless, medium hold for a natural-looking style that is easy to manage.
Sunflower Seed Oil and Vitamin C work together to shield hair from UV damage and photoaging. Both natural and colored hair is protected from fading. Proteins protect from styling tools and everyday stressors to keep hair healthy and youthful.
Amino acids and vitamins strengthen and condition strands, giving you a luminous and lustrous style."

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Protects hair from oxidative stress and color fading caused by UV rays due to being a polyphenol produced by plants as a defense mechanism and protectant.

Vitamin C

Natural protectant against damaging UV rays. Repairs damaged hair follicles, moisturizes and promotes hair growth.

Multi-Protein Complex

Strengthens and protects hair from UV damage, styling tools, and everyday stressors.

Inositol & Folic Acid

Promotes new hair growth.

Truffle Oil

Contains essential fatty acids to leave hair feeling soft and healthy.

Tomato Extract

Contains vitamins A, B, C, and E and helps hair feel soft and manageable. Helps lock in moisture and can treat dandruff and other scalp irritations.

Provitamin B5

Provides strength and luster to hair while conditioning, preventing damage, and reducing split ends.

"Alcohol Denat., Organic Bergamotto Extract, Acrylates/C12 Succinates/Hydroxy Acrylates Copolymer, Polyurethane 14, Octylacrylamide/Acrylates/Butylaminoethyl Methacrylate Copolymer, Matricaria Flower Extract, *Sunflower Seed Extract, *Grape Seed Extract, Resveratrol Root Extract, *Truffle Extract, *Orange Peel Oil, Acrylates Copolymer, Panthenol (B5), Kaempferia Galanga Root Extract,* Tomato Extract, *Rosemary Oil, * Oregano Oil, Litchi Chinensis Pericarp Extract, Benzophenone 4, Folic Acid, Inositol, Soy Protein, Oat Protein, *Certified Organic Tapioca Starch, Soybean Oil, Lavender Oil, Vitamin D, Vitamin C Esters, Vitamin E Acetate, Isobutane, Sodium PCA, Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate, Glucose, Glucose Oxidase, Lactoperoxidase
*Curated with organic, wildcraft, and food-grade ingredients."


Parabens, Preservatives, Petroleum, Phenoxyethanol, Mineral oil, Xeno-Estrogens, Synthetic dyes, SLS, Phthalates, Gluten, QUATS, PEGs, Silicones, Chlorides & EDTA, DMDM Hydantoin, Noncomedogenic, and Hypoallergenic

Strategic bioactive benefits

- Protect hair from photoaging caused by UV exposure - Offer flexible hold - Tame flyaways - Give body and texture


Sea pearls deeply exfoliate the scalp without drying hair out and organic minerals balance your natural oil product and bacteria level. Stagnant disharmony releases from your crown chakra while plant butters and oils nourish and reinvigorate the scalp.


Multi-task as you mask and enjoy an fragrant experience with therapeutic aromatics that instantly invigorates positivity and a deep awakening while you uncover a youthful glow. Replenishing sea minerals work harmoniously to improve elasticity due to being delivered at the deepest levels to restore, replenish, and prepare the skin for treatment and protection.


A minty fresh in-shower personal trainer with anti-bacterial and natural ingredients to tackle body breakouts and stretch marks while soothing weary muscles. Renews cellular turnover, dry patches, preps skin for a deeper hydration and an even glow from your sunless tanner.


Adjust to your preference of light, medium, or strong hold.

Spray 8 - 12 inches away from hair.

Pro tip: Mist on damp hair to boost volume before drying

Rinse with lukewarm water to unveil a refreshing brighter, clearer complexion.

Lesson With Kassandra

UV Damage and Photoaging isn’t just for skin.

You are likely familiar with the damage sun exposure does to your skin, and hopefully you take precautions by using SPF and antioxidant protection. However, you may not know that the same sun exposure is also causing damage and premature aging to your hair, as well.

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Kassandra’s field notes

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